Redistricting Update November 2, 2016

In response to feedback gathered during the first round of community meetings, two additional map options – Options 7 and 8 – have been created. They can be found at:

Latest Redistricting Document and Maps Oct 31 2016

In short, these two options divide what was formerly Planning Block 14 (whose students currently attend George Mason) into two new planning blocks. In Option 7, both those planning blocks would be assigned to Charles Barrett bringing our live-in utilization to 108% while significantly altering the demographics of the school. In Option 8, those planning blocks would be divided between Charles Barrett and George Mason and assign Planning Block 73 (currently attending George Mason) to Charles Barrett bringing our live-in utilization to 90% while minimally impacting the current demographics.

For the CBES transfer population, the live-in utilization is an important factor, because if we have a high live-in utilization we likely won’t be able to retain the entirety of our transfer population which currently represents around 35% of our student population.

It is imperative that the Charles Barrett population make their voices heard either through emails/letters to the School Board or at the next round of community meetings on November 14 and 15.

News from CB Redistricting Representative, Lena Sandberg