December 4 Redistricting Update

Copy of Letter sent from our PTA President, Kristen Weber

The ACPS redistricting process has been confusing to say the least–new proposals around redistricting emerge and others go away and up-to-date information can be hard to find.

Over the last few months, the PTA executive team has talked with parents, our Review committee representatives, staff at Barrett, and various school board members.  Based on this information gathering and current data about our school community, we fully support the proposed new boundaries for Barrett as laid out in Redistricting Maps 8 and 9.  These maps:

  • Maintain the diversity of our community
  • Preserve a core of our current community (adds to our existing boundaries rather than reassigns families), and
  • Adequately fill our school and stabilizes our population.

Charles Barrett is unique in that over 30% of our student population are transfers, many of these students may leave Barrett and go to their neighborhood school when redistricting is completed.  Maps 8 and 9 can best ensure program continuity and resources during this change.

What you can do:

Advocate — talk with school board members, email the school board, and testify at the upcoming public hearing on redistricting

Stay in the know—visit the redistricting website; talk with our redistricting Review committee members—Lauren Sandberg and Joe Davis; attend school board meetings and public work sessions

This week is a busy week—please consider attending one of these meetings:

  • December 6: School Board Work Session on “Grandfathering”
  • December 7: Review Committee Meeting
  • December 8: Public Hearing on Redistricting
  • December 19: Steering Committee Meeting

Thanks to all of you for continuing to engage on this issue and let me or any member of the PTA executive team know your thoughts, concerns, suggestions as well as what advocacy steps you are taking.



P.S. Last update: Charles Barrett was identified as supporting and needing trailers, also called relocatables, however, we do not need or support such a proposal as we currently have room inside our school for two more classrooms of students. ACPS central office staff were notified that about our current capacity and the PTA’s opposition to relocatables and we are now told by ACPS that the recommendation for relocatables at Barrett has been withdrawn.