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Charles Barrett Community:

Be part of the conversation. Attend community meetings, follow the process, engage, provide your input and ideas, and help spread the word throughout the community.

Call 703-619-8408 to ask questions or provide comments on the redistricting process. Stay involved and updated with the Redistricting Process by visiting the ACPS Redistricting webpage at Sign up for email updates via the link on our webpage. To share your thoughts and input at any time you can email

Charles Barrett’s Redistricting Review Committee Members are Joe Davis ( and Lauren Sandberg (  Our ACPS School Board Liaison and Redistricting Steering Committee Member is Kelly Booz (

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(from ACPS)

Why Do We Need to Redistrict our School System?

Our most recent systemwide redistricting effort took place in 1999—more than 15 years ago. Since then, the City of Alexandria has grown, and the makeup of our schools has changed. The current systemwide enrollment of our schools, combined with a projected 2 to 4 percent enrollment growth per year until 2020, will leave a majority of our schools over capacity and the system significantly imbalanced. A systemwide redistricting of our elementary schools will allow ACPS to provide academic excellence, programmatic equity, and the best education for our community now and in the future. This process will help us ensure every student is provided essential resources to succeed.

Current and Projected Capacity and Enrollment

Source: ACPS June 2015 Long Range Educational Facilities Plan

School 2015 Enrollment Current Capacity Current Utilization 2020 Projections Projected Capacity Projected Utilization
Charles Barrett 477 524 91% 547 524 104%
Cora Kelly 357 429 83% 363 429 85%
Douglas MacArthur 712 554 129% 816 554 147%
George Mason 558 368 152% 662 368 180%
James K. Polk 743 756 98% 852 756 113%
Jefferson-Houston 375 555 68% 491 555 88%
John Adams 1017 858 119% 1192 858 139%
Lyles-Crouch 411 375 110% 406 375 108%
Matthew Maury 442 350 126% 483 350 138%
Mount Vernon 853 755 113% 900 755 119%
Patrick Henry 643 600 107% 738 600 123%
Samuel Tucker 749 620 121% 846 620 136%
William Ramsay 902 748 121% 950 748 127%
ES Total 8239 7492 110% 9246 7492 123%


Redistricting Criteria

Overarching Goal: Enable students to attend their neighborhood elementary school with equitable access to instructional programs and services, in a cost-effective manner, unless there is a demonstrated need or desire to attend a designated citywide program.

  1. Instructional Capacity: Number of students assigned to a school takes into account the number of classrooms and resource rooms needed for art, music, labs, English language learners (ELL), Special Education, and Talented and Gifted programs.
  2. Student Safety: Promote safe walk zones and routes to school.
  3. Transportation: Minimize the need for bus transportation or travel time.
  4. Enrollment Capacity: Student enrollment provides room for future growth.
  5. Class Size: Adhere to and accommodate ACPS policy on class size requirements at different grade levels.
  6. Distribution of Special Programs: Consider balance and access to district-wide programs (e.g., Special Education, Pre-K).
  7. Previous Rezoning: Minimize the need for more than one boundary change in the elementary life of a student.
  8. Program Continuity: Minimize school assignment change for students who have spent the majority of their elementary experience in a given school.
  9. Sensible and Fair Boundary Lines: Consider the proximity to the school, and to the extent possible, look for natural points to define boundaries.
  10. Diversity: Consider rich diversity of school division.


What is the Timeline for Redistricting?*

*The timeline may be extended as needed to allow for the best possible engagement process and decision-making. If any changes are made to the process timeline we will communicate them promptly with the community.


Mar 2015 – School Board began Redistricting Process


Apr – May 2015 – School Board and ACPS staff finalized the framework for redistricting, including timeline and process


Jun – Jul 2015 – Redistricting Steering Committee formed, Redistricting Review Committee Applications open to the public


Aug – Oct 2015 – School Board approves members of the Review Committee. Community engagement regarding the redistricting process begins, data gathering is completed to support redistricting options


Nov – Dec 2015 – Redistricting options developed, community feedback provided, committee recommendations are drafted and evaluated


Jan – Feb 2016 – School Board reviews redistricting options, public hearings are available for communications to the Board, School Board votes on final redistricting option


Mar – Jun 2016 – Opportunities for parents and students to visit their schools and participate in open houses


Jul 2016 – New school boundaries go into effect for 2016- 2017 school year


How Will the Redistricting Process Work?

In June 2015, a Redistricting Steering Committee was formed to guide and structure the redistricting process. This committee is comprised of:

  • School Board member representing District A, Stephanie Kapsis (Redistricting Steering Committee Chair)
  • School Board member representing District B, Kelly Booz
  • School Board member representing District C, Chris Lewis (School Board Vice Chair and Redistricting Steering Committee Vice Chair)
  • Superintendent Dr. Alvin L. Crawley
  • Chief Academic Officer Dr. Terri Mozingo
  • Chief Financial Officer Stacey Johnson
  • Chief Operations Officer Clarence Stukes

The Steering Committee is responsible for facilitating the work of the Redistricting Review Committee comprised of 35 community members (two representatives from each school in the system, two community members at-large, and one student).

The Review Committee works to develop a redistricting recommendation that meets the criteria approved by the School Board and operates as ambassadors for the process in the Alexandria community.


How Can Community Members Get Involved?

ACPS is committed to ensuring that community members are provided ample opportunities to have their voices heard throughout the Redistricting Process. There will be several ways to engage, including community meetings, social media and online surveys, and community engagement roadshow meetings. We are committed to a transparent process informed by anyone with a stake in the future of our schools.

Be part of the conversation. Attend community meetings, follow the process, engage, provide your input and ideas, and help spread the word throughout the community.

Call 703-619-8408 to ask questions or provide comments on the redistricting process. Stay involved and updated with the Redistricting Process by visiting the ACPS Redistricting webpage at Sign up for email updates via the link on our webpage. To share your thoughts and input at any time you can email


April 6, 2015 Redistricting Updates

The latest draft of redistricting implementation policy has been posted by ACPS. You will find the link below as well as excerpts from the policy that outline how existing students will be handled when/if the school boundaries change for the 2017/2018 school year. Boundary Students: Rising 5th grade students may choose to stay at their …

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December 4 Redistricting Update

Copy of Letter sent from our PTA President, Kristen Weber The ACPS redistricting process has been confusing to say the least–new proposals around redistricting emerge and others go away and up-to-date information can be hard to find. Over the last few months, the PTA executive team has talked with parents, our Review committee representatives, staff …

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Mar 7, 2015 Redistricting Updates

Redistricting is happening now.  Over the next month and a half, the policy will be presented, discussed, revised and voted on.  If you have an opinion on this, now is the time to speak up!  By now, we mean this week, next at the latest after you’ve watched/reviewed the March 10th School Board  Meeting (attend in person, stream it …

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November 12 2016 Redistricting Updates

We would like you invite you to participate in two community meetings for redistricting next week. These are the last two community meetings scheduled for the process, although the public can continue to give feedback via the ACPS website ( There are currently three options on the table – Options 7, 8 and 9. All …

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Oct 5, 2016 Redistricting Committee Meeting Documentation

The following links from the ACPS website: DRAFT Minutes from the September 21, 2016 Redistricting Review Committee Meeting UPDATED 10/3/16 – DRAFT Options Handout for the October 5, 2016 Redistricting Review Committee Meeting – Including Draft Options Walkability Data using 2015-2016 K-5 Enrollment GIS Group Work – Large Maps for the October 5, 2016 Redistricting …

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Redistricting Update November 2, 2016

In response to feedback gathered during the first round of community meetings, two additional map options – Options 7 and 8 – have been created. They can be found at: Latest Redistricting Document and Maps Oct 31 2016 In short, these two options divide what was formerly Planning Block 14 (whose students currently attend George …

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Redistricting Update October 11, 2016

ACPS Redistricting Update As you may be aware, Alexandria City Public Schools is in the process of redistricting. The process began in earnest this fall with the GIS mapping work to redraw boundaries. The proposed new boundaries are expected to be reviewed and approved by the School Board in early spring 2017. The new boundaries …

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Redistricting Update Sept 20, 2016

There are several important developments related to ACPS redistricting. First, ACPS announced that the implementation date for redistricting would likely be pushed to the 2018/2019 school year to allow for completion of Patrick Henry, the new West End school and the Pre-K center. Second, the initial baseline maps for redistricting have been released and can be found here or at …

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Updates from CBES members of Redistricting Committee

{Click HERE to find general information regarding Redistricting}  2/5/2016 Update: Last night, the Alexandria City School Board voted to extend the redistricting process into the fall of 2016 in order to be able to deliver accurate details around the location of the new West End school, School Board polices that will affect redistricting and finalization …

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Urgent Redistricting Update October 19, 2016

The Redistricting Committee and the School Board currently are considering community feedback on the redistricting options. Hundreds of families from across the City have already weighed in, but we need to do more! Strong meeting attendance will help demonstrate broad and deep opposition to the breakup of the Charles Barrett Community.  Upcoming Redistricting Meetings : …

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