Reflections 2015 Winners

2015 Reflections Art Competition: Charles Barrett Winners  

The Reflections artwork this year was amazing! We are so proud of the incredible artists we have here at Charles Barrett.  Thank you to all who entered and created a remarkable work of art! It was extremely tough for the judges.  Below are the winners from this year’s competition.  All 1st place winners will move on to the Reflections Alexandria City competition. Good luck, artists!

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Dance Intermediate Grades (3-5)

1st place:            Jahdiah Sturge

Film Primary Grades (K-2)

1st place:            Gabriella Tuson

Film Intermediate Grades (3-5)

1st place:            Ava Adams

Literature Primary Grades (K-2)

1st place:            Gabriella Tuson

Literature Intermediate Grades (3-5)

1st place:            Alexander Tuson

2nd place:            Cecily Boyle

Music Intermediate Grades (3-5)

1st place:            Ronan Bhattacharya

Photography Primary Grades (K-2)

1st place:            Gabriella Tuson

Photography Intermediate Grades (3-5)

1st place:            Sydney Payne

2nd place:            Grace Metzler

3rd place:            Alexander Tuson

Honorary Mention:            Alexander Tuson

Visual Arts Primary Grades (K-2)

1st place:            Dawl Lee

2nd place:            Mia Knysh

3rd place:            Claire Crumbley

Honorary Mention:            Lucia Drost

Visual Arts Intermediate Grades (3-5)

1st place:            Rory Patterson

2nd place:            Grace Metzler

3rd place:            Katie Thomason

Honorary Mention:            Mariette Hollins

Honorary Mention:            Simone Soares