November 2 PTA Meeting Minutes


Charles Barrett PTA

General Meeting

Charles Barrett – Auditorium

Monday, November 2, 2015

7:00 pm

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Present (21): Brayman, Michelle;, Butler, Nancy; Eile, Julia; Hart, Cindy; Hollins, Christine; Hunt, Heidi; Jaeger, Anna; Kennard, Seth; Lady, Heather; Lester, Caryn; Lopez, Yahaira; McGovern, Suzanne; Newill, Tasha; Niemann, Eliza; O’Dell, Kelley; Sandberg, Lauren; Sparrow, Candi; Stump, Dawn; Waterhouse, Desmarie; Weber, Kristen; Zwiselsberger, Jennifer;


PTA President Anna Jaeger called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Anna Jaeger asked if there were changes to the Oct 5th Minutes. The Minutes were accepted.


Anna Jaeger announced that planned Bylaw changes were on hold due to feedback from the VA PTA. The agenda item was tabled.


Nancy Butler presented the Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance as of October 1 was $20,498.71.
  • The Fall Appeal brought in $17,501.35, with additional commitments coming.
  • October expenses totaled $4,334.03, including things like the MCM Fun Run, the student directory a mini-grant and the teacher’s discretionary fund.
  • Balance on hand at the end of October $40,069.26.


Anna Jaeger presented an update from Committees:

Fall Appeal

  • The budget of the Fall Appeal was the same as last year.
  • In the previous year, the goal was communicated at $25K, but $36K was received. This year the goal was $35K, now at $37,020.
  • Thank you to Caryn Lester.

Committee Chair Potluck Dinner is coming up on Nov 12th

Holiday Shop – December 12th, 9am – 12 pm

  • Students can make gifts for family and friends.
  • There will be coffee, donuts and fun. Teachers participate.
  • There are no gifts that will cost more than $3 to make.


  • We will be announcing who won the class contest soon.

Committees – There are two positions open

  • Our Webmaster is retiring at end of month and a replacement is needed.
  • A GW Middle School Liaison is still needed.


  • The Reflections competition included 40 artists and every category had submissions.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of week.

Spirit Wear

  • The total spirit wear sales were $5,027.50 producing a profit of $660.
  • We were able to purchase additional t-shirts to donate to the school.
  • Thank you to Heather Lady.

Thanksgiving lunch – November 23rd

  • Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch.
  • Kindergartners will be harvesting the sweet potatoes from our garden.


  • Box Tops & Labels
    • Box Tops recently submitted are on target to hit the $1,000 for the year.
    • Labels for Education is not as lucratives, but the October drive provided art supplies for Ms. Pattisall.
  • Restaurant Nights –
    • Nov 5th at Potbelly in Carlyle, 5-8 pm
    • Dec 3rd at California Pizza Kitchen in Pentagon City – an all day fundraiser!
  • Barnes & Noble Book Fair – Dec 12th
    • Potomac Yard store on 12/12 from 4-11pm
      • Musicians, gift wrappers, readers, greeters, elves
      • Typically brings in about $1,000 between onsite activity and online sales.
      • Online 12/12 – 12/17


Principal Kennard provided the Principal’s Report

  • Nov 3rd – No school tomorrow
  • Nov 6th – Friday early dismissal
  • The school has released a new report card for grades 1-5
    • Teachers have left longer time slots for Parent/Teacher/Student meetings to accommodate for format review.
    • The new form is much easier to understand and to follow.
    • The PTA will post information on the report card.
  • CETA night –
    • The school was happy with turn out with about 250-300 people attending along with most teachers.
    • It was a fun and successful night!
  • Construction
    • The outdoor classroom is being built, done next couple of weeks.
    • Roof replacement planned for next summer.
  • Thanksgiving lunch – Nov 23rd
    • Chicken will be served instead of turkey, as there is a shortage.
    • Please come in and eat with your child.


Anna Tush, Charles Barrett School Psychologist presented the PBIS program (SEE ABOVE for links to presentations)

  • PBIS teaches conduct just like reading writing and mathematics.
  • Charles Barrett has been doing this for the past eight years.
    • Amazing program
    • Time lost due to behavior is lower
  • PBIS in general
    • Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support
    • Kids know PBIS
    • Teaching what we want them to do
    • Kids have different expectations for behavior – behavior is learned and needs to be taught
    • Initiatives
      • Shift focus from negative to positive
      • Address behavior of all students
      • Have consistency across all classrooms – same language and expectations
      • Create a positive environment for learning and working
    • Components
      • If the program is implemented with fidelity, we see results.
      • The program is research-based.
      • Build a climate committee – all grades represented
      • Clearly define behaviors
      • Create procedures for addressing positive/negative behavior
      • There should be continuous monitoring and an effectiveness review.
      • Decisions is data-driven.
    • Multi-tiered system of behavioral support
      • Academics/PBIS equally supported in the schools
        • Message gets to 80% of our kids.
        • Specialized groups – 15% of students, at risk behavior sometimes
        • Tertiary Prevention – 5% – specialized, individualized, more support
        • Same approach for academics and behaviors
      • Constantly re-teaching – Day to Day
        • Redirect
        • Positive reinforcement
        • Focus on changing behavior
        • Focus on the importance of relationships
        • Re-teaching is reflected in language of adult interaction – strong choices, keep your hands to yourself
      • PBIS is effective and efficient, but it takes effort
      • Outcomes are positive when executed with fidelity
    • PBIS at Charles Barrett
      • Clearly defined expectation
      • Matrix taught through discussions
      • Procedures for teaching and encouraging expected behavior
      • Discouraging inappropriate behavior
      • Listen, Use Kind Works, Use Kind Actions, Take Care of Our School
      • Earning Panda Paws – teachers ‘catch’ them in positive behavior, the behavior is explicitly taught and practiced
        • Not just teaching kids and rewarding them for behavior they should be doing, but also having teachers highlighting the positive in students
        • It is targeted and specific praise
        • The program provides different ways to use Panda Paws (students can win activities and the ‘store’ was limited to once a month) Moving kids from things, to intangibles
        • Class jars – motivating, donate to those
        • Still logical consequences for unacceptable behavior
      • Seven completed years of implementation
        • Since PBIS was implemented in ACPS, we are the only school that still implements the program. Charles Barrett was chosen as ‘exemplar’ school.
        • Presented at national PBIS leadership forum.
        • PBIS maintained or decreased the number of office referrals despite doubling our population and increasing diversity
        • Data exceeds benchmarks.
        • Means more students in class and more time for student learning
        • Our results are well above the average. An exemplary school will fit into the pyramid at 90%, 7%, 3% (high fidelity), CBES exceeded this high mark with results at 91.9%, 7.7%, .7%.


Redistricting update presented by:

Kelly Booz – School Board, District B – Charles Barrett Liaison

Lauren Sandberg – Charles Barrett representative to School Board


Kelly Booz presented the background:

  • Why?
    • Since 1999 3,200+ students added to ACPS, growth in West End
    • CBES has a lot of transfers.
    • The redistricting will help to deal with West End development
    • We understand it doesn’t resolve capacity/classrooms, we need to add buildings.
    • Timeline of how this should work:
      • If the Board take a vote by Feb 2016, lines would start 16/17 school year (set last year)
    • Where are we?
      • Two committees
        • All agenda and pieces are happening along with our consulting partner.
        • 35 people make up the redistricting review committee – 2 per school, 2 at large.
      • Redistricting steering committee
        • Feedback from community engagement
        • Citizen committee
          • Charles Barrett’s two representatives include:
            • Lauren Sandberg – Kindergarten student, new to Barrett, lives in the Barrett district
            • Joe Davis – 3rd grade parent, transferred into Barrett. (not present at PTA mtg)
          • Lauren reported that the committee has met only once. Still working to formulate our process. What will happen? How will we decide how we handle voting – majority or otherwise/vote or consensus?
          • Joe and Lauren are communicating with CBES so that everyone is in the know. (Kelly reminds – If grandfathering is important, share that with your representatives)
          • Question – For CBES, we have a special program for CETA, PBIS, how will it be to change 1/3 new student population? Schools will be in a unique position. Can’t be switched at the drop of a hat. Has this come up for discussion, if we don’t consider grandfathering?  Answer – Modified open enrollment program policy will stay on the books. More comfortable with a delayed School Board voting timeline.
          • Question: Barrett specific behavior learning – unique as a special language – do Principles have input? Answer -Principals prefer to stay neutral and be welcoming to any membership.
        • Kelly mentioned the consideration of a new school.
        • The presentation provided in a recent public meeting listed details and referred attendees to the school board website. Kelly will provide this information for circulation to the PTA membership.
        • Question – GIS database that has information already input into the system. It will enable to move lines and see impact of population of the school. Answer – Schools will provide training on how to handle
        • Question – Are there schools with space? Answer – This will help a little. Along with support of the 10 year capacity plan.
      • Kelly presented that if timeline is not right, the School Board will push back and get it right, rather than rush.
      • Citizen Committee may receive a recommendation from the School Board to push timeline back for to May, which means the new lines would begin in the 17/18 school year. Board still needs to vote on this.
      • GIS mapping will start in December.
      • Question– Is May realistic? How will new members on the School Board affect the dates? Answer – It isn’t clear. It is unlikely to go beyond the May date. It is also being discussed that the School Board needs to revisit every 5 years.
      • Question – So the timeline with the vote in May of 2016 would then be implemented in 2017/18 school year? Answer – Yes
      • Question – When considering equity, what are you looking at? Answer – Programs across division, fairness in what is being offered, access to neighborhood schools, income levels at different schools, communities. Lauren Sandberg mentioned that Lenox place is divided into three sections with each going to a different school.
      • Question – Will there be an effort to avoid gerrymandering? Answer – A recent court case confirms that you can’t gerrymander based on race. It may be captured, but with other groupings.
      • Question – Teacher/classroom size is not going to be raised, right? Answer – Lauren Sandberg mentioned that this is of high importance to attendees of the Citizen Committee. Kelley mentioned it would be a School Board decision on teacher/student ratio.
      • Question – All signs point to need for more space. Is there serious planning for this? Do we have space? Answer – Yes, we are looking at this. There has been a shift in the last year about how we focus on this. Modernize buildings and build capacity. Former, patchwork approach. New philosophy, taking school off-line and either renovating or rebuilding. Recommendation to build new middle school – a few years down the road. 20 classrooms at Minnie Howard campus at TC Williams
      • The updated 10-year plan will be released on November 12th.
      • Question –Will the new middle school be K-8. Answer – It will be sixth through eighth.
      • Question – Explain criteria. Answer – There were some good handouts provided at the community meeting. Kelly will provide Anna handouts for sharing with PTA. Level of school will be part of the conversation
    • Kelly mentioned that meetings are available for live view on Periscope.
    • Kelly is open to hearing from the Barrett community.