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Welcome to the 2015–16 School Year!

Back to School Night, September 21, 6:30 p.m. (This event is for adults only). 


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How to Stay Informed:

There are many ways to get information about the school and community. On the first day of school, you received the Charles Barrett Elementary School Family Handbook. It is full of information about our school procedures and activities, so be sure to read it and keep it somewhere handy. Look for the page “Important Phone Numbers” found in the handbook. The PTA’s website,, should become your one-stop for information. You will find our school and PTA calendar, notifications, contact information, news, program details and more. From here, you can link to ACPS’s website as well as the school’s website where you can find school-specific information. As far as communication with your child’s teacher, email is often the fastest means. In addition, the PTA provides each child with a green folder at the beginning of the year. This folder is used daily throughout the year for communication with your child’s teacher, the PTA, and the school. You should check the folder each night as it will travel back and forth daily with your student—it will contain permission slips, homework sheets, and more.

Charles Barrett Community List Serve and Facebook: To subscribe, send an email to: You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link and follow the directions. We are unlisted, so you won’t find us in the Yahoo groups directory. Only those who have received an invitation or heard via word of mouth can participate. The list serve is unmoderated, public forum and is not officially affiliated with Charles Barrett Elementary School or ACPS. If you need assistance joining the list, please contact the PTA Secretary at Charles Barrett PTA is also on Facebook! To join please send an email to the PTA Secretary at You will then receive and email invitation (this group is private) to the group.

The Buzz Newsletter, which you can receive via email and is posted on this website, is distributed twice a month. The Buzz includes a letter from Principal Kennard, news of upcoming events at school, after-school programs, opportunities for volunteering, and more.

Join the PTA! The PTA (Parent Teacher Association), which is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, is one of the best resources for parents. PTA programs are created to encourage and support parent involvement in children’s education. The PTA provides many opportunities to volunteer for committees, fundraisers, and special events. Here is a sample of what the PTA supports:

Student Directory – contact information for families in our school community;

Teacher Educational Grants – mini grants to teachers and staff who seek support or want to provide additional enrichment to their students;

Field Trips – supplemental funding for all grades;

Library Support – to purchase new books and materials;

School Assemblies – featuring both entertaining and educational programs;

Family Fun Nights – family fun events throughout the year;

Advocacy and Education – testimony at School Board meetings on matters of concern to Barrett and hosting meetings with the superintendent and school board members;

Community Building and Outreach – events such as the Ice Cream Social, Parent Social, Restaurant Nights, PTA Committee Chair Potluck, Barrett Bazaar, and Family Dessert Social help build and strengthen our community. Charles Barrett Kids Care programs – book and toiletry drives, Giving Tree, and more—that teach children the importance of community service and giving back to the community;

After-School Enrichment – enrichment programs (for fee), including Spanish, Chess, Science, Dance, Cooking and many more (PTA funded scholarships are available);

Teacher Appreciation – teachers and staff are recognized for their hard work at several special events during the school year, including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners;

Barrett Gardens – Barrett’s gardens have become award-winning spaces thanks to dedication and commitment of parent volunteers.

Membership in the PTA is only $6 per person for the school year. The Charles Barrett PTA meets monthly in the Library Multipurpose Room. Meetings are generally scheduled for the first Monday of the month, beginning at 7 p.m. If the first Monday is a holiday, meetings are held the following Monday.

Getting your child to and from school:

The following information can be a bit confusing, so feel free to contact us for explanation or further information. You will be asked to choose what method you will be using to get your child to and from school: Walkers (this means either walking or driving your child to school), Kiss & Ride, the Bus or Rec.

Drop-off: If your child does not ride the bus, you will either walk or drive to school. Driving has two options: Kiss and Ride or parking the car to walk your kids to the door yourself. Kiss and Ride means driving through the parking lot and dropping off—you will see an adult/teacher standing where vehicles pull up at the curb. The teacher and several safety patrollers will make sure your child walks into school safely. You may also park your car on the street or in the lot and walk to the building. There are crossing guards in front of the school and at the parking lot entrance. Children should line up with their classes in front of school. The kindergarteners line up outside of the area by the double doors (Door #16, located to the left of the main entrance to our school). At 7:50 a.m., students enter the building. If you arrive later than 8:00 a.m., you will have to walk your child into the building and obtain a late pass. All other grades enter through the main doors.

Pick-up: Walkers exit through door 16, and kindergarten teachers will not release them until they see a parent or care giver waiting. Pick up for Kiss and Ride is the same as drop off; drive through the parking lot, pull up along the curb, and wait in your vehicle. Keep in mind the children are released at different times—Bus, Walkers, Rec and Kiss & Ride—so with Kiss & Ride, you may be waiting in your vehicle for a bit. Kiss and Riders exit through Door #14 in the Kindergarten Pod (Ms. Supple’s room, the door nearest the parking lot). If you decide to start off as a Walker, and then later would like to switch to Kiss & Ride, please remember to communicate that in writing to your child’s teacher.

Parking: The area in front of the school is busy, and for everyone’s safety, you must not stop directly in front of the main entrance. Park either in the small parking lot or on the street; park in designated spots only. You will always find a spot—you just may have to walk a block or two. Please do not park illegally. Be sure to read the street signs, as frustrated neighbors have been known to call police, and parking enforcement frequently patrols the area. Again, do not park or stop in the intersection in front of school, even for a few seconds.

Bus: Information about bus routes, rules, and procedures will be included with your teacher packets, and more safety information will arrive in your green folders on the first day of school.

Rec: Students who have registered for the after-school recreation program “Power On!” in the Charles Barrett Recreation Center will be escorted or released to the rec center after school.

Lunch in the Cafeteria/Food:

After registration, your child is assigned a randomly generated 5-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is used to “pay” for a meal in the cafeteria. After making a meal selection in the serving line, your child will type his or her PIN number on a numeric keypad near the cashier. Your child’s account is then displayed on the computer screen, with other information, such as food allergies. Your child’s meal is deducted from the balance of prepaid meals. You can add money to the account by cash or check at the cafeteria or by paying online. The new prepay system is called parentonline: Information is at You are free to have lunch with your child if you like, just meet him or her in the classroom or cafeteria at their designated lunchtime. Contact your child’s teacher to see what time they go. Be aware: they sell ice cream, cookies, and treats at lunch. You can tell the cafeteria that your child is not allowed to buy treats, or only allowed to buy on a certain day (e.g., Fridays), but your teacher cannot tell the kids no treats. As long as there are no restrictions and money in the account, the kids can buy whatever they like. Have a discussion with your child about your expectations about treats. You don’t get an itemized list of what was bought with your child’s lunch account, so you may not be able to easily keep track. Also, along with regular 2% milk, chocolate and strawberry milk are sold (and preferred by many). In November, you will receive word about the Thanksgiving Lunch—this is essentially a turkey meal during the normal lunchtime, and parents are invited to sit and have lunch with their child.

Per ACPS policy, you are not allowed to bring food into the school for birthdays or class parties.

Extended care:

Extended care is available for your child. For more information, please refer to the section in your Family Handbook titled “Before- and After-School Care,” under General Information.


Four encores are offered at Charles Barrett Elementary School: Physical Education (PE), Music, Library, and Art. Your child will participate in each once a week, with the exception of PE, which is offered twice a week. Each encore is assigned a day of the week. Information regarding encores and the assigned weekday will come home with your child at the beginning of school.

School Jargon:

It might seem like your child is speaking a foreign language when they get home from kindergarten. Here’s a quick primer to get you on the same page!

* Para: short for paraprofessional, is the assistant teacher in the kindergarten classroom

* Rec: The Charles Barrett Recreation Center, after school care located near the gymnasium

* Panda Paws: Reward slips given for good behavior at school. Students earn panda paws, and can redeem them throughout the year for prizes or privileges (e.g., wear your pajamas day).

* Encores: Classes including PE, music, art, or library

* SCA: Student Council Association

* PTA: Parent Teacher Association

* Rec playground: The playground on the east side of the school, near the Rec Center.

* Chuckie B: The school mascot, a panda

* Safety Patrol: 4th and 5th graders who supervise the students walking to school

* Kiss and Ride: Pick-up/drop-off spot located in the parking lot.