Committee Position Descriptions


Charles Barrett Elementary PTA Committee Position Descriptions

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Calling All Volunteers…We NEED You!

Would you like to be more involved at Charles Barrett? We need you! There are many committees that you can work with to help plan and coordinate PTA programs and activities for the benefit of all our children. Are you familiar with all the ins and outs of organizing a large event? Join the Bazaar or Teacher Appreciation committee. Have a flare for the arts? Join our Reflections or Gallery Night committee. Whatever your talent, skill, or interest, there is a committee for you! Want to find out what PTA role fits you best? Here are our Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chair job descriptions.

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Executive Committee


The president shall: manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA (including fundraising objectives, community building events, educational events, etc.); act as liaison between parents and principal/staff; recruit PTA Committee Chairs; create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA meetings; write a biweekly Buzz newsletter; create a mailing for all Barrett families in August for inclusion in back to school packet; collaborate with Principal to create annual school calendar; collaborate with Treasurer to create annual PTA budget; speak at Back to School Night and other events; and perform other duties as outlined in bylaws.



The president-elect shall: Act as aide to the president; perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to act; advocate on behalf of students; create partnerships within the school community; create an environment where parent involvement is encouraged; recruit and motivate volunteers; welcome a diverse and group of members, volunteers and leaders; perform other delegated duties as assigned.


Vice President

The vice president shall: act as aide(s) to the president; study the duties and responsibilities of the President, in case being called upon to temporarily serve; in their designated order, perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to act; recruit, motivate and manage volunteers; welcome a diverse and group of members, volunteers and leaders; perform other delegated duties as assigned.



The secretary shall: take minutes at PTA general meetings, type minutes, and distribute them in a timely fashion; distribute minutes from the last general meeting for approval/vote at general meetings; submit approved minutes for inclusion on website and posting on PTA bulletin board; attend executive committee meetings; participate in discussions and decision making; prepare the sign-in sheet, set out nametags for the general meetings; forward required documentation to Virginia PTA; maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTA meeting; keep the official copy of the local unit’s bylaws in his/her files; maintain a membership list as required by the Virginia PTA; perform other delegated duties as assigned. Maintains the listserv and Facebook page.



The treasurer shall: have custody of all the funds of the association; keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; make disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or association in accordance with the budget adopted by the association; remit by December 1 to the Virginia PTA state office, state and National PTA dues for memberships received prior to December 1; remit by March 1, dues received after December 1 and remit by June 30, all state and National dues received after March 1; have checks or vouchers signed by two (2) officers, preferably the treasurer and the president; present a written financial statement at every meeting of the association and at other times when requested by the executive board; prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year; have the accounts examined according to the auditing procedures outlined in Article VI; when a local unit is required to file a 990 or 990EZ per IRS regulations, a copy of the 990 or 990EZ report shall also be forwarded to the state office upon its completion; submit a copy of the fiscal year-end audit to the state office within thirty (30) days following the adoption of the audit by the membership; perform other duties as assigned.



Standing Committees


Art to Remember (1 chair)

Committee chair shall coordinate program with the art teacher to capture student art in various product forms for purchase in spring; work with art teacher to package students’ artwork for vendor; coordinate marketing; and distribute and collect order forms and catalogs to students via social media, listserv, and green folders.


Assemblies (1 chair)

Committee chair is responsible for determining what assemblies to have for the year and schedules; work with administration to select the best dates to hold the assemblies (2–4); work closely with the assembly company to determine what school resources are needed (microphone, stage, etc.) and to ensure payment; attend assembly and help set up if needed.


Barrett Bazaar (3 chairs)

Committee chairs shall plan and implement all aspects of the Bazaar; plan games according to the Bazaar’s theme; decide what the games will be, and what they will be called; determine placement of games in the field; secure and work with outside vendors for Bazaar; complete and submit any and all necessary paperwork to the city of Alexandria; coordinate prizes for games; order, sort, and display prizes at the Bazaar; organize food and food area during the Bazaar; publicize the event within the school, and in the community, using Green folders, listserv, Facebook, and Web; organize sale and presale of tickets; recruit, organize, and schedule volunteers for all areas of the Bazaar; distribute volunteer lists to volunteer coordinators, and manage volunteer check-in process.


CB Kids Care (1 chair)

Committee chair coordinates appropriate charitable endeavors and other outreach efforts for Charles Barrett to contribute to the community. Approximately two events per school year: Backpack Collection, Giving Tree. Ongoing commitment.


Committee Chair Potluck (1 chair)

Committee chair organizes home-based potluck for committee chairs as thank you for time and efforts.


Scholastic Book Fair (2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall coordinate all aspects of the Scholastic Book Fair, including marketing and advertising, sale set-up, volunteers, sales, inventory control, and wrap-up.


Barnes & Noble Book Fair (1 chair)

Committee chair shall organize, promote, and solicit volunteers for Barnes and Noble fundraiser.


Box Tops (1 chair)

Committee chair shall design incentive program; promote Box Tops to families and students; recruit volunteers to collect and count Box Tops; submit Box Tops for reimbursement; report income to community.


Carpenter’s Shelter Dinner (2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall plan dinner for Carpenter’s Shelter three times during school year; create signup for dinner menu items; recruit and organize volunteers to assist with transporting and serving food at shelter.


Dessert/Yearbook Social (1 chair)

Committee chair shall plan and orchestrate end-of-year dessert/yearbook social, including completing and submitting necessary paperwork to the city of Alexandria, working with building employees to reserve and place tables and trash cans, create signup link for set-up, serving, and cleanup, publicize event to community via social media, webpage, listserv, and Green folders.


Directory (2 chairs)

Committee chairs promote and coordinate the production of the annual PTA Student Directory; compile data collected from directory forms and populate database to be used to create the Directory. Additionally, chairs coordinate the printing and distribution of the directory. A complimentary printed copy of the Student Directory is provided to all PTA members and is typically published in late October.


Enrichment Liaison (1 chair)

Committee chair shall work with contractor to plan and run after-school enrichment program in fall and spring; ensure that CBPTA program goals and requirements are being met by contractor; serve as liaison for school administration and PTA Executive Committee by reporting to the Executive Committee as needed.


Fall Appeal (at least 2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall plan and execute the PTA’s Fall Appeal campaign, which is the largest single PTA fundraising drive; create the necessary forms and letters; publicize campaign to the community via listserv, direct mail, web page, green folder, newsletters; collect donations and maintain detailed financial information; provide Executive Committee with a status report and update.


Family Fun Nights (at least 2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall schedule and plan community-building evens (Family Fun Nights) for Charles Barrett families prior to the beginning of the school year; recruit volunteers who are responsible for helping with organizing and working on the event (set-up and cleanup); communicate and work with school and Rec staff to ensure space is reserved for event; select entertainment, activities/crafts, games, etc.; promote event to the community via listserv, Buzz, green folder, Facebook, etc.


Field Day (at least 2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall plan and implement all aspects of Field Day (last Tuesday of school); plan games according to the event’s theme; decide what the games will be, and what they will be called; determine placement of games in the field; publicize the event within the school, and in the community, using Green folders, listserv, Facebook, and Web; recruit, organize, and schedule volunteers for all areas of Field Day.


Fifth Grade Promotion (1–2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall plan and coordinate events for the fifth grade promotion week, including promotion ceremony and reception, pool party, and picnic; recruit volunteers to assist with setup and cleanup at events; publicize events to fifth grade families via social media, listserv, webpage, and Green folders.


Gallery Night (1–2 chairs)

Committee chair(s) shall work with art teacher to select special work of by students to display for families; coordinate volunteers for set-up and cleanup; work with art teacher and volunteers to mount and install artwork; publicize evening to community via social media, webpage, listserv, and Green folders;


Gardening (1–2 chairs)

Committee chair shall work closely with ACPS Gardens Coordinator to maintain CB Garden; work in the garden as needed with planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing; schedule and plan community events prior to the beginning of the school year: Farm to Table events, Earth Day; recruit and organize volunteers to help work at events during the school year and with watering in the summer; communicate and coordinate with classroom teachers to support educational gardening activities throughout the year; promote garden and events to the community via listserv, Buzz, green folder, Facebook, etc.


Grocery Card Program (1 chair)

Committee chair advertises to school community and encourages parents to join community fundraising programs such as the Giant/Safeway/Harris Teeter and Target card programs, which earn funding for the school.  Duties include registering our school with the card programs, providing links to forms for registering and sending updates. May investigate other similar programs to benefit the school as well.  Advertise via flyers, social media, Buzz, listserv, webpage; distribute flyers at Back to School night; and provide reports regarding progress.


Holiday Shop (at least 2 chairs)

Committee chairs work to plan crafts for students to make as gifts for their friends, family, and teachers during the holiday season; market the show to the families and coordinate the purchase of supplies; organize volunteers, set up, and cleanup.

Hospitality (2 chairs)

Committee chairs monitors the PTA supplies (including tablecloths) relating to hospitality use; plan the back-to-school luncheon for our teachers (day before school starts), welcome coffee for incoming parents (first day of school); and assist with springtime School Appreciation Week lunch buffets. Chairs also coordinate staff luncheons during parent-teacher conferences. Duties include creating signup for potluck lunches, set up, cleanup, working with caterer, and more.


Junior Great Books (1 chair)

Committee chair runs PTA sponsored program, including registration, and recruits volunteers to lead grade-level discussion groups once per week (usually runs winter through spring).


Labels for Education (1 chair)

Committee chair shall organize labels that are collected and send them in to the company for the reimbursement money. Also the chair may want to promote labels for education with class competitions or monthly challenges.


Membership (2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall coordinate fall PTA membership drive; collect forms and record memberships in database, record online memberships in database; collect, count, and deposit money with Treasurer; work with Virginia PTA to obtain membership cards. This position is yearlong.


Middle School Liaisons (1–2 chairs)

Committee chairs (ideally, 1 for each middle school) shall provide information in a timely manner via listserv, Green folders, and webpage to CB community regarding middle school visits, orientation, special events.


Mini Grant Program (1 chair)

Committee chair shall: prepare cover letter and mini grant application to distribute to faculty and staff; receive grant applications by published deadline; prepare applications for review at October Executive Committee meeting; attend Executive Committee meeting to present and review applications and make recommendations; together with EC, prepare a summary/report of amounts requested and awarded for publication by PTA in various forms (Buzz, Communicator, Web, etc.).


New Family Liaisons (2 chairs)

Arranges a reception welcoming new families. Provides information and orientation programs for new families as needed throughout the year. Coordinates outreach and mentoring programs for families new to the area.


Parent Social (2 chairs)

Chairs shall organize a fun Parent Social to coincide with end of Fall Appeal.


PTA Council Representative (1 chair)

PTAC representative from Charles Barrett will attend every meeting of the PTA Council; take notes at Council meeting and provide report to CBPTA Executive Committee; be familiar with bylaws, standing rules, policies, and procedures at local, council, state, and national PTA; bring before Council any concerns or action items from CBPTA, which the delegate is asked to introduce; share information on CBPTA activities, programs, and publications with other PTA officers; use PTA Council meetings to become acquainted with delegates of other schools.


Reflections (1 chair)

Committee chair shall publicize program in a timely manner via the listserv, Green folders, and webpage; collect and organize artwork; submit art; organize a panel of judges; display artwork; plan for awarding of ribbons for winning entries and next level of competition.


CB Restaurant Nights (1 chair)

Committee chair shall research restaurant options in the community willing to offer a portion of sales to CBPTA; work with the Executive Committee to select dates (at least 4 dates per school year) for restaurant nights; ensure that flyers advertising the event are sent home in a timely manner.

Room Parent Coordinator (1 chair)

Committee chair shall work with Executive Committee and teachers to coordinate the recruitment and placement of room parents. Throughout school year, liaise with teachers, PTA EC, and room parents to organize school events and disseminate school-wide information. Update and distribute Room Parent Handbook. Create and distribute master Room Parent Contact List. Keep room parent section on the Charles Barrett website updated with useful and timely information and provide CBPTA Secretary information for Buzz newsletter. Publicize items as appropriate.


Room Parent (at least 2 room parents per classroom)

Room parents shall assist the teacher and the PTA in communicating with other parents in the class regarding a variety of matters, such as Classroom volunteer opportunities, special requests for class activities (e.g., class holiday parties), School Appreciation, recruit parent volunteers for school and PTA-sponsored activities.


School Supply Kits (2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall work with the vendor to provide the best combination of quality, affordability, customer service and profitability; be responsible for obtaining all documents required to work with vendors; be familiar with teacher supply lists and work with the front office personnel to develop updated grade level supply lists yearly; publicize service to parents in a timely manner. Collect order forms/checks and submit them to the treasurer for processing; plan and organize the distribution of school supplies to classrooms on the first day of school


Spirit Wear (1 chair)

Committee chair shall evaluate spirit wear options and make recommendations to principal; work with spirit wear vendor to develop designs and logos; publicize items as appropriate and distribute ordering information; and recruit volunteers to help distribute orders.


School Appreciation Week (at least 2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall work together to determine the events (e.g., lunch, coffee, popcorn bar, breakfast) for the weeklong event; present and discuss plan with Executive Committee; approach school community and Alexandria community for donations (raffle items); recruit volunteers to serve on appreciation committee and to staff events; publicize events in a timely manner via the Green folder, listserv, Facebook, and webpage.


Musical/Talent Show (at least 2 chairs)

Committee chairs shall coordinate the biannual CB Talent Show/Musical and select date; work with school admin to reserve rooms and pay facilities fees; recruit volunteers to serve on committee; develop signup forms, hold auditions (act reviews), schedule and organize rehearsals, communicate details to parents; develop and produce program; arrange for refreshments, flowers, etc. at event; promote event to the community via listserv, Buzz, green folder, Facebook, and webpage.


Walk to School Wednesdays (1 chair)

Committee chair shall encourage student body to walk or ride to school, arrange volunteers for hand-stamping and other incentives.


Webmaster (1 chair)

Committee chair shall design templates for website; work with president, principal and others to determine content; set goals for the program; create a timeline for achieving goals; gather information from program chairmen and others to keep website updated; collect feedback from users and incorporate ideas where possible.


Yearbook (at least 3 chairs)

Committee chairs shall work with teachers, room parents and parents to ensure that each classroom has adequate photographic coverage of its events and students; lay out pages of Yearbook as assigned by Committee; advertise yearbook sales in a timely manner via the listserv, webpage, and Green folders.