Box Tops for Education


What are Box Tops? Box Tops are small coupons found on the packaging of many products that your family already uses, like General Mills cereals, Nature Valley granola snacks, Kleenex facial tissue, Progresso soups, Ziploc bags, and more. Check out for a full list of participating products.

How does it work? Clip Box Tops from the packaging, collect them in a bag or envelope with your child’s name and teacher’s name, and send them in to school with your child, or place them in the Box Tops bin in the school lobby. Each year we have a friendly contest to see which class has the highest participation.

What happens then? Volunteers from the Charles Barrett PTA count the Box Tops and send them in to Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top is worth 10¢. On average, we collect 10,000 Box Tops each year, which raises $1,000 to support field trips, classroom supplies, equipment, and more for our wonderful school.

What are eBoxTops? eBoxTops, like physical Box Tops, are worth 10¢ each. However, instead of clipping these Box Tops and sending them in to school, eBoxTops are awarded electronically at and are credited to Charles Barrett.

Want to learn more? Check out for more information on the program and sign up to receive coupons, special offers, and links to the Charles Barrett account.

Any questions, contact Betsy Shanks