As you know, our PTA’s one time, once-a-year fundraiser is underway. No selling wrapping paper or coupon books! Can you imagine?! Instead, we do need to ask you for a direct contribution in order to keep all of our programs up and running.

The good news is that we have already raised $16,000! Still, we are only at 15% participation and have another $22,000 to raise in the next three weeks (including Thanksgiving)! WE HAVE TO DO BETTER.

Can you step up and do your part to fully fund our PTA’s budget? Every dime is necessary to cover costs like updated technology, teacher grants and classroom supplies, field trips for every student – this school year. Missing our mark would mean cutting some programs or services.

Here’s how you can help us meet our goal of $38,000 by November 30th:

1. Click on over to the PTA website to donate.
2. Check to see if your employer matches charitable contributions – and easy way to double your own gift!
3. Click here to give us your generous family members’ email addresses! We will send them one (and only one) adorable email asking for a donation. Each email you give by Thursday @ 5pm counts as an entry into a raffle to have your favorite Starbucks drink delivered to you at drop-off on Friday! And one for the teacher of your choosing, too!
4. Ask your favorite local businesspeople to contribute!

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